Perishable logistics

Over the past 20 years, Olympia di Navigazione has specialized in the transport of fresh refrigerated goods from around the world with a focus on fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables. As a result of ongoing relationships and growing demand, Olympia has been dedicating for years a team exclusively on the purpose of providing effective and efficient service to its partners operating in the food industry. This ensures supervision at all levels by trained personnel capable of handling all the complex procedures involved in this delicate kind of traffic.

We guarantee the following services

  • Handling and lashing of reefer containers in port and in our warehouses

  • Close and constant contact with key regulatory bodies to keep abreast of EU regulations, licenses and quotas

  • Customs and non-customs advice in relation to the type of perishable goods to be imported

  • Storage in reefer and non-reefer warehouses

  • Quality control, sorting, packaging and labeling

  • USM sanitary formalities

  • Phytopathological formalities

  • AGE CONTROL quality control

  • Delivery by refrigerated truck or by temperature-controlled container either FCL or LCL